Tax Function Operation Services

The business environment in Mexico is constantly facing great challenges, opportunities and risks, originating an increasingly complex environment in national and transnational operations.

This affects different matters, especially taxation, that is why at LSI we advise you in the optimization of your resources in all tax areas, whether it is about national or international transactions; consultations on different tax laws and treaties in order to avoid double taxation; special studies on tax optimization and planning.

Compliance with tax obligations.

Our firm offers review services or direct participation in the fulfillment of tax obligations, having the necessary elements to provide you with fiscal security in the daily development of your activities and solutions to the problems detected.

Tax obligations related to social security.

Currently, the provisions in force regarding the regulation of social security consider the individual capitalization of employee contributions. The above, together with the revision procedures implemented by the corresponding authorities, make it necessary for companies to review and strengthen their control systems in order to formally comply with the individualized payment of IMSS, SAR and INFONAVIT worker-employer contributions, as these obligations represent an important financial cost for the companies. Aware of this problem, we have developed specialized techniques and methodologies to offer strategic solutions, generating results for our clients.