Risk Assesment and Management

Risk Assesment.

Under international standards and different methodologies proposed for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative business risks, activities are carried out to obtain in depth the sufficient degree of understanding both in the business processes and in the controls that are implemented in order to identify the risk exposure in the most sensitive points and propose viable suggestions in accordance with the best practices to manage the identified risks.

Architecture and Design of Business Processes.

According to the international regulations that govern the practice, it is necessary to ensure that organizations have an adequate level of efficiency in the operation of their processes, which is why our solutions offer companies a methodology for mapping their processes from end to end, so that the boundaries of each business process can be identified and it is possible to identify both points of opportunity and possible deficiencies in the design of the operational flow.

We jointly emphasize with the owners of each process the relevant aspects to establish continuous monitoring mechanisms and thus ensure the adequate and timely response to changes caused by the inertia of the business.

Implementation and Monitoring of Controls.

Just as we analyze the adequacy of controls within the business processes, our solutions offer tools for the design and implementation of mechanisms for continuous monitoring, in order to ensure not only the existence of the control but also its consistency over time.

Comparisons are made with leading practices in order to assure the company that it has not only the most appropriate performance indicators, but also the measurement and monitoring criteria to ensure the best results in the business processes.

In case there are no such indicators, we will develop the means to design these key performance indicators and their metrics on a reasonable basis according to the type of business.

Strategic Planning.

A key factor for the success of an entity is determined by the level of alignment between those who define the business objectives and those lines of defense that serve them, for this reason it is necessary to ensure an adequate process of formalization among those involved so that this is carried out with the expected effectiveness.

Reviewing communication channels, reviewing and updating business plans and models, as well as analyzing the environment are some of the solutions we offer to develop the necessary information for the application of strategic tools and ensure an adequate level of results in the organization.

Corporate Governance and Family Governance.

In compliance with the recommendations of the Code of Best Corporate Practices, the implementation of an adequate Corporate Governance is often a fundamental decision to ensure from the best decision making scheme, to an adequate level of institutionalization to formalize a succession plan that offers permanence to the business over the generations.

Our solutions offer from consulting to the required support, adapting to any size of organization, the necessary activities in the process of implementing this structure.