Audit Services and Assurance

At LSI we provide qualified audit adapted to the requirements of each business, employing an adequate team to address issues inherent and specific to the entity's line of business and its environment. We use the most current audit tools and work models in order to provide a focus and scope of our services according to the needs and potential of our clients' business.

Our experience acquired as a result of our audit work provided to companies in different sectors of the industry in the last fifteen years, allows us to offer a wide knowledge and specialized service in the matter.

  • 1.- Audit of Financial Statements.
  • 2.- Operational Audit.
  • 3.- Internal Audit.
  • 4.- Forensic Audit.
  • 5.- Issuance of Special Reports.

Our audits, in order to obtain sufficient elements of judgment, include among other means used, the following tasks:

  • - Evaluation of the internal control system.
  • - Review of valuation and presentation criteria.
  • - Review of the application of control policies.
  • - Study and analysis of the general and specific characteristics of the company.
  • - The application of other audit procedures.